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CPMI is a an Illinois-approved provider for online courses; we offer Life and Health licensing courses as well as several other insurance courses. Taking on the task of receiving your Illinois Life and Health license may seem like a huge feat but, by completing our pre-licensing education, we can offer you the study tools, online classes, and one-on-one instructor time needed for you to pass your L & H exam. You will also be fulfilling the 40 hours of education hours that are required. Once you receive your Illinois Life and Health license, you will be able to sell Life and Health Insurance policies in the state of Illinois. As a Life and Health producer, you will be able to help your clients by showing them the best coverage in a policy to protect them from the medical expenses that may incur with illness or injuries. There are several types of Health Insurances that you can decide to sell ranging from Personal Health Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, and even Disability Insurance. You will also want to think about if you would like to work as a L & H producer underneath an agency or company or if you think you would rather work on your own as an independent producer.

Once you have completed all the licensing requirements, the Department of Insurance will issue your Life and Health license. You need to wait 5 days from the date of your L & H exam before you can apply for your L & H license. You will fill out necessary information for the license application electronically at the testing facility directly prior to taking your exam. Once you pass, you will be given an exam score report and the details for submitting your NAIC Uniform Application will be included on it.

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