Insurance License Testing in Illinois

Illinois Insurance Testing

In order to receive your Illinois insurance license, you must adhere to the regulations that are put forth by the state of Illinois. Illinois mandates that if you want to receive your insurance license, then you must first take a pre-licensing course for each line of insurance you wish to receive a license. For each line of insurance, 20 hours of coursework must be completed. For example, Life Insurance: 20 hours, Health Insurance: 20 hours, Property Insurance: 20 hours, Casualty Insurance: 20 hours, Life & Health Insurance: 40 hours, Property & Casualty Insurance: 40 hours. 7.5 hours for each line must be done in a classroom format, the other 13.5 can be self-study hours. No matter which of these lines you decide you want to be licensed in, CPMI can help. We offer highly effective study materials and our instructors know the insurance industry not only by teaching, but from personal experience. We are fully aware of how busy and demanding life can be and, with our online course classes, you will see that we have kept this in mind. You will appreciate being able to complete your online courses on the time that is most convenient for you.

You can schedule to take your Illinois insurance license testing once you have finished the required pre-licensing courses and have received your course of completion certificate. This certificate will be valid for 12 months from the date you completed your course. All of Illinois insurance license testing is administered by Pearson Vue. To schedule your License test, you can go to Fees are not accepted at the testing site, so make sure you make payment at the time of your testing reservation. The materials that are required for you to take with you to the Illinois insurance license testing are: copy of valid Course Certificate for all lines you are testing for and 2 forms of signature ID.

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