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Once you receive your official insurance license in Illinois, in order to keep it valid, you will need to take continuing education (CE) credits every 24 months. If you are not familiar with what CE credits are, it is a way for insurance producers to keep their Illinois insurance licenses valid, and it is also a way that can help you to have an edge in the insurance work field. If you are an insurance producer, you know how much information there is to learn when it comes to your profession and that there are changes all the time with insurance laws and protocol. This is why taking a course through CPMI is so beneficial to you, we have the best CE courses around.

We have been an Illinois insurance license CE provider for many years now and take pride in offering producers highly informative, always up-to-date courses on all insurance laws and changes, and, with the advantage of flexibility with our courses conveniently being offered online. We give our students as many options as possible to fit their needs. When you enroll with CPMI insurance courses you will have many benefits: availability to take practice questions that are relevant to your course, top-of-the-line learning tools to help you to remember what you've reviewed, superior instructors that will mentor you through the CE course, ways that you can use the insurance concepts, tips for your career, and, best of all, a money-back guarantee. All of our courses will give you the needed 24 hours in Illinois CE credits for your insurance license to be renewed. If you have leftover CE credits from a previous course in the prior renewal period you are allowed to use up to 12 hours of rollover credits in the current renewal period.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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