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Illinois Insurance Broker Exam Courses

As a licensed Illinois Insurance Broker, you will be selling insurance policies that you are licensed through Illinois State to sell. It is necessary to take a pre-license education course and coursework hours for each line of insurance you want to sell insurance policies in. The required amount of coursework hours is 20 hours per individual lines such as Life, Health, Property, and Casualty and 40 hours for a license that has 2 lines of insurance such as Life & Health or Property & Casualty. Once you have fulfilled these steps, then you must take and pass the Illinois Insurance Broker Exam, again for each line of insurance you are getting licensed in. Taking a pre-licensing course through CPMI is a huge advantage for prospective agents; we know the insurance industry well and what concepts and insurance basics you will need to know to successfully take your Illinois exam. We have a test simulator that you can take practice tests on your own computer and they are similar tests to the Illinois Insurance Broker Exams. This feature is very helpful for students to gauge their insurance knowledge and determine if they are ready to take their Illinois exam or it can give them an idea of the areas they need to study more in depth.

At the end of your pre-licensing course, we will award you a completion certificate. Make sure you hang on to this certificate as you will need it to take your Illinois Insurance Broker Exam--you will have 1 year until it is no longer valid. To schedule your insurance broker exam, you can go to You can make the reservation online and choose the best testing location for you, you will also pay your fee online as they don't accept payment at the testing site. It is always a good idea to be early when taking an exam so that you give yourself sufficient time to sign in and find your seating.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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