Illinois Insurance CE - National Flood Program Policies (NFIP)

IL Insurance Continuing Education Course - NFIP
Required National Flood Insurance Program Course

All licensed Illinois insurance producers who wish to sell National Flood Insurance Program policies (NFIP) are required to complete an approved, one time, course on flood insurance.

NFIP Course Information

Many consumers think that flooding related to hurricanes and other tropical disturbances are limited to coastal areas. However, some of the most damaging flooding can happen well inland and days after a storm makes its initial landfall. Flooding occurs in all regions of the country. Consumers must prepare for flooding no matter where they live. Unlike a standard homeowners policy, flood insurance covers losses to property caused by flooding.
This continuing education course explores many of the facets of floods, flooding, insurance, and the NFIP National Flood Insurance Program.

Illinois Continuing Education Course Reporting

Upon successful completion of the course exam you will need to contact CPMI Professional Development, Inc with your National Producer Number. CPMI reports to the Department of Insurance within one business day of receiving the passing test score and your NPN. CPMI will email a certificate of course completion to you.

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