Idaho Pre-License Health Courses

Pre-License Health in Idaho

Health Insurance is a one of the most popular insurance policies that people need and use. It is a protection for individuals from the rising healthcare costs for medical emergencies and/or procedures. As a Health Insurance producer, you will sell Health Insurance policies, but you will also do much more than that, you will help clients and potential clients in understanding either their existing policies or help them understand what the best healthcare policy to cover all their needs. Right now is a good time to start a career as a Health Insurance producer; with the new reform laws on healthcare there is even more need for Health producers to help fill the needs of people looking to find the right policy. Idaho has it own insurance laws and regulations on what is required for a prospective insurance producer to receive a Health Insurance license. In the state of Idaho, you will need to pass the Idaho Health Insurance exam before you are able to then apply for your license. When preparing to take a huge exam, it is imperative that you take the time to collect the content that will be covered on the exam as well as properly study so that you are ready to take it. CPMI is the perfect way for you to accomplish having the right material as well as study tools that work--all to help you with passing your Idaho Health exam the first time. We offer Idaho-approved Pre-License Health courses that are online and very student-friendly, our courses are constructed with our students in mind to make it as stress-free as possible.

Once you pass your exam and you get your Idaho Health license, you will need to take continuing education every 2 years to keep your license valid. For the continuing education you will need to complete 24 hours of Health Insurance coursework, 3 of these hours need to be in ethics.

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