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Idaho License Testing

Each state is in charge of the their insurance licensing process, what it entails to receive an insurance license, what the requirements for continuing education are, and what the specific state insurance laws are. In the state of Idaho, the unit that is over this is the Idaho Department of Insurance. You will need to take an Idaho insurance license test in the line of insurance that you wish to be licensed in. The insurance license testing covers a large amount of insurance information and the statutes and IDAPA insurance rules. Finding all this insurance content and the most up-to-date Idaho insurance laws and materials can be overwhelming! This is why taking a pre-licensing course with CPMI is so beneficial to you; we provide all the important insurance information you will need to to properly prepare for your Idaho insurance license test. The best way to prep for your Idaho insurance license testing is with an online pre-licensing education course through CPMI. Our students have loved the ease and ability to do their coursework from the comfort of their own computers and on the time schedule that works best for them. You will have our online classes, textbooks, and study materials that are all formatted to make the task of preparing for your insurance license test as stress-free as possible.

When you are ready to take your Idaho insurance license test, you will need to contact, they will schedule your test and also the fingerprinting that is a requirement to get your insurance license as well. When you successfully pass your test and have completed your fingerprinting, you can then apply for your Idaho insurance license.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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