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Insurance Broker Exam in Idaho

As an insurance broker, you can have a lot of flexibility of what and when you work. As for the what, you can choose what line of authority you would like to be licensed in such as Health Insurance, Life and Health Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, or just Property Insurance. In Idaho, in order to be a licensed insurance broker you will need to first pass the state exam for the line of insurance you are wanting to be licensed in. Once you are a licensed Idaho insurance broker and have your broker license, you will then need to take continuing education once every 2 years, this must have 3 hours of ethics and 24 hours in total of insurance coursework. So, are you wondering how do you get from wanting to be a professional broker to taking the Idaho insurance broker exam? That is what CPMI is here for; we provide pre-licensing broker courses that will educate you with all that you will need to know to go and successfully pass your Idaho insurance broker exam. It can feel like a lot of work getting prepared for your broker exam, but with our online courses and the easy to understand study materials and tools you will be surprised by how much you learn and when you go to take your broker exam you will appreciate the confidence you will have. CPMI has been providing education to the residents of Idaho that have wanted to receive an insurance license for many years. We are proud to provide you with quality materials, instructors, and even a broker exam test simulator that you can take practice broker exams on to help you gauge your insurance and exam knowledge.

As an insurance broker, you will be contacting potential and existing clients and selling them one or more types of insurance policies. You will be helping to explain to them the various insurance plans and you can help them to see which plan has the best coverage to suit their needs.

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