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Health Insurance Prelicensing

With all the stress of switching to a new career, you don't want to have to worry about all the additional problems that come with becoming a licensed Health insurance agent. We are here to help make that process as pain free as possible.

All agents who plan on providing Health insurance coverage must be able to pass an exam administered by their state's insurance commision. We can help!

Health Course Offerings

Exam Advantage Online - Online insurance basics and state law study program. Learn more...

Exam Advantage At Home - At Home insurance principles and state law study program. Learn more...

Our highly trained professional staff have all taken and passed this test, we know exactly the information required to license. Our goal is to pass on this information so you too will be able to obtain your Health Insurance License without difficulty. We have worked diligently to compile all of the necessary heath insurance information into one clear and concise textbook. This is an exceptional self-study tool and an excellent companion to classroom study. The more tools you have the better prepared you will be! Be sure to pass the first time!

Additional Resources

In order to obtain your license, you will need to first study and pass the licensing exam, and CPMI Professional Development is ready to help you. We understand that it is important for you to accomplish this goal as quickly as possible, so we have put together all of the essential information in an easy to understand textbook, available in print or online, along with the option of supplemental online video, or audio classroom-like instructional seminars.

If you are looking to pass the licensing exam for Life, Life & Health, or Property & Casualty Insurance, we have extremely informative textbooks and study material in these subjects as well.

If you require, we also offer an exceptional Audio Demo and Online Video Demo which will guide you through all the information required to pass the entire insurance licensing exam. Our expert instructors cover all the basic insurance material in depth and in a straightforward way. Using these tools, you will easily learn all the pertinent information to be able to pass your licensing exam the first time you take it! The courses covered by our Audio Demo and Online Video Demo include Life, Health, Life & Health, and Property & Casualty Insurance. We also offer textbooks for each of these courses of study.

After preparing using all of our self-study course material, be sure to check out our Exam Advantage Program! Exam Advantage is a test simulator that will let you know exactly how you will do when you take the real test.

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