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I liked the interactive nature of the ethics course. Sitting in a classroom for 3 hours is tough. This helped me get through the class and made it interesting and more relevant to our agency.

I would take a class again with CPMI. I liked the class interaction.

I would take another course from you. I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.

This was very beneficial for me! I learned several things. Good interaction. One recommendation, don't have the reading aloud "round robin", rather pair up people to discuss then "report" their insights. We will utilize CPMI for these courses in the future. Nash's 12 questions - good takeaway!!

Great course. Made me think and reassess my methods and routines. Not a bad thing to do now and then.

Good course! Dry material was interesting and entertaining. Definitely would take another course from you.

Makes you slow down and re-think some processes we might take for granted. Would take other courses from CPMI.

Great job! I would like to think an ethics class is not necessary for insurance producers.

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