Pre-Licensing for Delaware Insurance Testing

Courses for Delaware Insurance Testing

Each state has a unit that administers the insurance licensing, continuing education, and protocol. In Delaware, this unit is the Producer Licensing Division of the Commissioner's Office. You will need to victoriously pass the Delaware insurance license testing before you can apply for your Delaware insurance license and, before you take your Delaware insurance license test, you will need to first prepare and study. CPMI has online insurance pre-licensing courses that will take you step-by-step through what you will need to learn and know for your insurance license test. Our online courses are a very popular method of learning the insurance fundamentals and also cover the Delaware State insurance laws.

After you take our pre-license insurance course, you will feel confident in your insurance knowledge and can schedule your Delaware insurance license testing through, where you can choose the date, location and pay the necesssary testing fees. You can make an electronic submission for your Delaware license after you have passed your insurance license test; you can do this at It is also a requirement of Delaware that any prospective producers have a state criminal report as well as a federal criminal report from the FBI; this will need to have a date of 90 days or less on the receipt.

The demand for insurance producers is expected to continue as insurance companies will need them for help with the new clients they are continually bringing in. Insurance producers interact with their clients and show them the different policy options that are available to them as well as help them understand the fine print of the coverages. As a licensed insurance producer, you may also handle advertising or following up with individuals to create a clientele, meet with prospective clients and go over what insurance needs they may have, keep copies and maintain records, and help settle any claims that existing clients may have.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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