Pre-Licensing for Insurance Broker Exam in Delaware

Delaware Broker Exam

In Delaware, you will need to pass a broker exam in each line of insurance that you want to sell or receive a Delaware insurance license for. Every state has its own regulations and procedures you must complete to receive a broker license and each state has a unit appointed to overseeing insurance licensing. In Delaware, this unit is the Producer Licensing Division and this division is part of the Commissioner's Office. It is a smart choice to prepare for your broker exam by taking a CPMI web-based pre-licensing course. We know what it takes to prepare for the Delaware broker exam, we provide everything a prospective broker would need to to victoriously pass their Delaware broker exam.

Once you have completed your course and are ready to take your broker exam, you can schedule this at When you schedule your broker exam, you will be able to choose a testing date and testing location that works best for you; it is important that you also make sure to pay your exam fees at the same time as scheduling. Once you have passed your Delaware broker exam, you can apply electronically for your Delaware broker license through One of the requirements that Delaware has for all individuals applying for a broker license is to have a criminal history report conducted (both state and federal) and that you fax these to the Department of Insurance within 90 days of the date on the report.

The demand for insurance brokers is projected to continue growing until the year 2024. Insurance brokers may handle the advertising and meeting with new clientele and helping clients fully understand the insurance policies they have and if they coverage is sufficient.

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