Property & Casualty Licensing in Connecticut

Connecticut P & C Licensing Courses

Through CPMI, you can get your training and online education pre-licensing hours to receive a Property and Casualty license in the state of Connecticut. We make sure to offer the most updated study materials and insurance laws so that you are able to learn what you need to not only pass your Property and Casualty exam, but also have the knowledge needed when you receive your P & C license. Each state has different regulations on what is required to receive your broker license; in the state of Connecticut you will need to take 80 hours of pre-licensing education hours. The great thing is that CPMI has all the tools and information you will need in achieving your end result of passing that Property and Casualty exam and move on to being a P & C producer.

Being a P & C producer in the state of Connecticut can be a very satisfying and beneficial career. The job growth for insurance agents is projected to increase over the next several years and recent studies show that, on average, an insurance agent makes more than the United States median income. A few other perks to being an insurance producer is the ability to choose your hours and work in a field geared to helping people and businesses. Once you have your Connecticut Property and Casualty license, you will need to decide if you would prefer to work for just one insurance company or to be an insurance broker that represents several insurance companies. P & C insurance is a very common insurance that is offered. Its purpose is to provide property protection against damage or negligence. Of course there are several varieties and types of policies. The Casualty coverage helps to cover your clients against accidents that involve their property.

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