What type of insurance agent should I be?

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What kind of insurance agent is best for me to be?

A lot of people ask us what type of agent they should be. This is a common question, but a hard one to answer, because it totally depends on what you are most interested in.

Life Insurance Licensing - If you like dealing with investments, estate planning, family continuation, or business continuation ("continuation" is a fancy insurance word for taking care of things when an individual passes on), that'll all fall into the realm of Life insurance.

Life insurance agents will also frequently get licensed in Health insurance, as the two are often considered to be complementary.

Health Insurance Licensing - The Health insurance agent's interests include Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care needs as well as helping people get the type of insurance they need to meet their medical requirements.

Property and Casualty Insurance Licensing - Property and Casualty insurance would be a good pick for the agent who likes to deal more with tangibles such as covering people's home, business, auto, or boats. It also covers liability issues to protect people against lawsuits that might come their way.

Property and Casualty almost always go hand in hand, and as policies covering loss of cars or homes will by necessity cover the liability involved in owning (or operating) such property.

Whatever you decide, make sure to be the best agent you can be!

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A lot in your career will depend on what kind of insurance agent you decide to be. Proper preparation and training can help ensure your success in your new job.

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