How to Start Building An Insurance Agency

What to know before you start building your insurance agency
How do I get started building my agency?

The very first step down the path to start building your own agency is studying to take the insurance producer licensing exam in your state. Some states require a prelicense course, others let you do it totally on your own. CPMI Professional Development, Inc, has an excellent study program to help you learn what you need to pass the state exam.

Once you pass the state exam, you will need to send in an application and appropriate fees to yor state's Insurance Department and obtain your license.

You will need to talk with insurance companies or agencies and determine which one(s) is/are best for you to work with. Then the fun begins as you start learning company policies, start prospecting, and move onto the sales program

Insurance sales is the heart and soul of any successful insurance agency. Success in insurance sales means a lot of hard work, creativity, persistence, and acknowledging that failure will happen and moving on without getting a) desperate b) pushy, or c) dejected. For some people who do not see success right away (and not everyone does), that can be one of the hardest things to do.

As you grow, you will build an agency by hiring the staff to meet your customer needs and individual management style. Remember that growth requires investment. It is hard to grow an agency as a one person operation. Successful agents and agencies require many hands to get done all the work that will need doing. Those are important keys to any successful insurance career.

Get Started Building an Insurance Agency

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