How easily can I make a living in insurance sales?

How easy is it to make a living as an insurance agent?
What exactly does it mean to become an independent insurance agent?

It is not easy to make a living in insurance, but it is not as hard as you might think. As with any type of sales, becoming an insurance agent can be one of the best paying hard jobs or a terrible paying easy job.

Dedicated agents will become successful at insurance sales, just like at any other job. One benefit, however, that insurance agents have over other career choices is that they are perhaps more likely than some to see their efforts come to bear fruit, as compensation is directly correlated to performance.

If you are wondering what type of agent you should be, keep in mind that while the principles and basics of insurance carry over between lines, the actual day to day routine of agents in the different fields (and even with different companies) can be very different.

One of the best ways to get a better feel for what you'll be getting into is to ask an agent in your field and, if possible, in the same company. Often recruiting managers can be of assistance, but it can also be helpful to talk to other agents about how easy it was for them to make a living as agents when they were first getting started in the industry, and how that changed over time.

How hard is it to earn a living if I decide to become an insurance agent?

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