What Type of Insurance Is Best For Starting Out?

Is one type better or easier for someone new to being an insurance agent?
What type of insurance is best to sell when you are just getting started?

New Agent Training

Often a new agent is well advised to start with a company that has a training program. It's good to have a mentor whom you respect and can learn the ropes from. There are both Property/Casualty and Life/Health companies that have such programs. Some agencies also have training programs that encourage new agents to learn from more experienced agents. Often the new agent will share commissions with the experienced agent on these joint sales calls. Networking is a very valuable skill for an insurance agent.

New Agent Income

Because of the way commission is typically structured Life and Health agents generally have higher first-year income. Property and Casualty producers typically build up a very substantial income as the customers home and auto policies renew again and again.

Which Type of Insurance Should I Choose To Sell?

A Life and Health agency may be more suited to agents with more of a salesman's streak in them. Individuals are not required to purchase Life insurance. Some people see these coverages as a luxury purchase and need to be convinced of the need to purchase coverage.

Is it easier to get started selling one kind of insurance over any other kind?

Automobile insurance (in the domain of a Property and Casualty agent), is required by law for licensed drivers. Homeowners insurance is required by the lending institution for all people with a mortgage on their home. So these insurance coverages are more likely to be seen by customers as necessities, i.e., they have to buy them from someone.

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