Transferring your License When you Move

I Have my Insurance License in One State, Do I Need to Get Relicensed when I Move?
Are you able to carry your insurance license with you when you move, or do you need to get relicensed?

If you move from one state where you are licensed to another, you can usually get a certificate of good standing from your current state Department of Insurance and send it along with an application and license fee to your new state. Generally, you do not need to take a new test in the new state.

One thing to consider is that you may lose customers you've developed over the years if you move. You can, however, keep a non-resident license in the state you are moving from so that you can keep as much of that client base as possible. You can also get a non-resident license in as many other states as you want if your business expands so you work with customers from all over.

Generally, once you have an active insurance license in one state the licensing process in any other state will be very straightforward. You will want to contact your soon-to-be local department of insurance for the full run down.

Is an Insurance Agent able to Transfer their Insurance Producer License to a New State When They Move?

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