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Property and Casualty Insurance is the insurance that protects individuals and their properties from natural disasters and unplanned incidents. It also provides coverage to the holders in situations wherein they caused unintentional damage and injury to others and their belongings. More and more, people are subscribing to Property and Casualty Insurance as they become more aware of the unexpected risks happening around them. If you wish to be part of this growing insurance market and industry, you have to be knowledgeable about the properties covered by the insurance and the extent of the coverage for your insurance plans. You also need excellent interpersonal skills to sell policies to potential clients and partners. Lastly and most importantly, you need to hold a license to engage in the practice. In Alaska, all individuals who plan to be a Property and Casualty Insurance agent need to satisfy the minimum level of competence required to apply and pass the licensure examination. This is to ensure that the high level of standards is maintained so the general public can be protected from illegal activities. Passing the licensure examination is crucial for your career as an insurance agent.

To prepare for the exam, you need to take education courses from certified insurance pre-licensing institutions such as CPMI. CPMI is a leading provider of pre-licensing insurance courses. It offers practice tests in Property and Casualty Insurance and other types of coverages. It uses up-to-date modules developed by subject matter experts. CPMI also employs learning strategies that simplify complex concepts and enable learners to understand insurance concepts better. With CPMI, study package plans are flexible and adaptable to students' needs. Both physical textbooks and online references are made available for the students to use. Classes are also structured in a way to adjust to individuals' demanding schedules. And the best thing about all of the these is that CPMI's first-rate education courses come at affordable prices.

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