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Insurance Producer Continuing Education in Alaska

Alaska insurance continuing education standards are set forth by the Alaska Division of Insurance, a subdivision of the Department of Commerce. In order to comply with requirements, a licensed producer must renew their license every two years.

All producers are required to complete a mandatory 3-hour Ethics requirement along with their 24 hours of required CE. The Ethics course may make up more than 3 of the required 24 hours.

Alaska Insurance CE Requirements

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Pricing shown is for online courses. Physical copies of textbooks may be ordered for an additional fee.

There are 2 types of packages. The first group, with 24 hrs after the name (i.e. "Life Course (24hrs)"), will give you 24 hours of credit with one 50 question test. The second group has individual tests for each of the listed courses, so the hours can be earned as each test is completed.

Choose any of these packages for just $39. The Alaska Insurance Department charges a $1.00/credit fee, which will be added during the checkout process.

Suggested Courses (24 hrs One Test) Hours Difficulty
Life, Health, Property & Casualty Course (24 hrs)                                                                                           24 Basic
Life & Health Course (24 hrs)                                                                                           24 Average
Life Course (24 hrs) 24 Average


Health Course (24 hrs) 24 Average


Property & Casualty Course (24 hrs) 24 Average Meets NFIP requirement to sell flood insurance.


Suggested Packages
(24 hrs With Individual Course Tests)
Hours       Difficulty      
Life & Health & Property & Casualty Fundamentals Package

5 Courses: Life Insurance Fundamentals, Health Insurance Fundamentals, Property Insurance Basics, Casualty Insurance Basics, Ethical Insurance Practices

24 Basic
Life & Health Fundamentals Package

5 Courses: Life Insurance Fundamentals, Health Insurance Fundamentals, Business Life, Disability Income, Ethical Insurance Practices

24 Basic
Life Fundamentals Package

7 Courses: Life Insurance Fundamentals, Business Life Insurance, College Planning and Funding, Retirement IRAs, Annuity Fundamentals, Variable Annuities, Ethical Insurance Practices

24 Basic
Health Fundamentals Package

5 Courses: Health Insurance Fundamentals, Disability Income, PPACA, Identity Theft, Ethical Insurance Practices

24 Basic
Property & Casualty Fundamentals Package

6 Courses: Property Insurance Fundamentals, Casualty Insurance Fundamentals, Homeowners Insurance Valuation, Insurance for Residential Properties, Floods and Flood Insurance, Ethical Insurance Practices

27 Basic

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All Lines Life & Health Property & Casualty Life Only Health Only

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Course Name Hours Difficulty
Accident, Health & Disability Insurance Fundamentals 6 Basic
Annuity Fundamentals 1 Basic This course plus Variable Annuities (below) will meet Alaska requirement to sell annuities.
Avoiding E&O Claims 3 Basic
Business Disability Insurance 3 Average
Business Life Insurance 3 Average
Casualty Insurance Fundamentals 4 Basic
College Planning and Funding 5 Average
Disability Income Insurance 6 Average
Ethical Insurance Practices 3 Basic Meets Alaska Ethics requirement.
Ethics - Handling the Money 3 Basic Meets Alaska Ethics requirement.
Floods and Flood Insurance 5 Basic Meets NFIP req. to sell flood insurance.
Hedge Fund Basics 3 Basic
Homeowners Insurance Valuation 4 Average
Identity Theft 4 Basic
Insurance Ethics 101 2 Basic Goes toward Alaska Ethics requirement.
Insurance For Residential Properties 3 Basic
Life Insurance Fundamentals 6 Basic
Property Insurance Fundamentals 5 Basic
Retirement IRAs 4 Average
Understanding the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act 5 Average
Variable Annuities 3 Basic This course plus Annuity Fundamentals (above) will meet Alaska requirement to sell annuities.


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Continuing Education Exemption

As of July 2008, licensees holding a limited lines title, bail bond, or credit producer license are NOT required to complete Alaska continuing education requirements. Additionally, you are now allowed to count the same CE course multiple times as long as it is not retaken within the same renewal period.

Alaska License Renewal Requirements

Time for your Alaska insurance license renewal? It's important to know:

  • 24 hours of CE are required every 2 years.
  • Online, textbook or classroom courses are acceptable.
  • 3 of the 24 hours must be in ethics.
  • Course cannot be repeated for credit in one renewal period.
  • No more than 8 hrs can be taken in business organization, management and environment, including motivation, psychology, and sales training.
  • Up to 8 hours of excess credits can be carried over to the next renewal period.
  • Hours may be taken in any line of authority.
  • Courses completion exams can be taken without a proctor and are open book.

You can print out course completion certificates immediately after finishing your course. These certificates should be kept on hand in case the licensee is audited by the Alaska Department of Insurance.

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