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Property and Casualty Licensing in Alabama

If you are looking for a good Property and Casualty licensing course that will help take the guesswork out of what materials will be covered for your Alabama insurance exam, then you have found it! CPMI is an approved pre-license education provider with Alabama and we have excellent Property and Casualty courses! For anyone that is wanting to be a Property and Casualty producer in the state of Alabama, you must first complete all the requirements to earn your Alabama Property and Casualty license. The Alabama Department of Insurance is the division that regulates the insurance industry in Alabama and they oversee the requirements for obtaining an insurance license. In order for a prospective agent to get their Property and Casualty license in Alabama, you must complete a pre-license Property and Casualty course, complete 40 hours of coursework, and pass the Alabama Property and Casualty exam. CPMI can help you will all of these requirements, by taking our P & C pre-licensing course, you will be completing the first two steps and, by doing our course, we will provide you with all that you will need to pass your P & C exam.

As a Property and Casualty producer, you will help your clients by evaluating their needs and helping them in determining which insurance policy will be the best for them. It is important as a Property and Casualty producer that you are able to communicate with your customers and take in their individual requests and specific situations. A P & C producer will also continually be advertising to find new customers. The job outlook for insurance producers is on the rise and projected to continue until 2024.

If you enjoy to be around people, are good at details, and would like to have the say of the hours you work, then a career as a Property and Casualty producer could be a great choice for you.

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