Alabama P & C Exam

Pre-Licensing for Alabama P & C Exam

If you are thinking of getting your Property and Casualty license in the state of Alabama, then you will need to first take and successfully pass the Alabama Property and Casualty exam. As with any exam, before you physically take the test, you will need to prepare to take it by learning the proper materials and taking the time to make sure you are ready first. In the Alabama P & C exam, you will need to know the insurance fundamentals and the most current Alabama P & C insurance laws and procedures. You are required to take a P & C pre-license course in Alabama and fulfill 40 hours of coursework before you are eligible to take the Alabama P & C exam. CPMI has Property and Casualty courses that can assist you in getting ready to take that state exam! With our web-based classes, seminars, and textbooks, you can decide what the best time is for you to complete your course.

One of the most helpful tools that you can use is the test simulator program; with this program, you can take as many practice tests as needed! Each practice test you take will be geared after the same information you will be tested on for the Alabama P & C exam and, at the end of each practice test, you will have the results that can show you not only how you did, but can indicate what you need to study more of to be fully prepared.

When you have fully completed your P & C course with CPMI, we will give you your completion of course certificate. This certificate is an important paper to keep as you will need this when you go to take your Alabama Property and Casualty exam and is valid for 1 year.

If you are interested in a brief demo of our online course, click here.

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