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Alabama is a great state to live and have a career in. Did you know that Alabama was the 22nd state of the United States? Alabama is the state that first celebrated Mardi Gras in the western world, and is the only state that is blessed to have all the major natural resources to construct iron and steel.

Alabama is also a great state to be a Health Insurance producer in. In order to apply for an Alabama Health license, you need to complete what is necessary and follow the guidelines that the Alabama Department of Insurance has set. The first one is taking a Pre-License Health course that is approved by the state of Alabama. The Second step you will need to complete is 20 hours of Health Insurance coursework. The third step is to pass the Alabama Health Insurance exam with a 70% or higher. The last step is to apply for your Alabama Health Insurance license. CPMI is here to help you! We are an approved pre-license education provider and can offer you a supreme Pre-License Health course. We can help guide you through the steps needed to pass your Alabama Health exam. You will be able to take the course at the speed that you're most comfortable with. You will appreciate the accessibility to take your web-based courses, review seminars, and self-study programs with the most current Health Insurance materials, and even have the added benefit of our exam simulation program.

As a Health producer in Alabama, you will have the opportunity to help people to find the coverage in Health Insurance policies that they need. By making sure that they are accurately covered, you can help protect them financially when a minor or major health issue comes up. You can also decide after you get your Health license if you would want to work independently as a Health producer or if you would like to work for a company or agency as a Health producer.

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