Courses for Alabama L & H Licensing

The Alabama Department of Insurance is the entity in Alabama that is in charge of administering insurance licenses and regulating insurance laws and procedures. Before you can apply for your Alabama Life and Health license, you will need to complete a pre-licensing Life and Health Insurance license course, fulfill 40 hours of coursework, and then successfully pass an Alabama State Life and Health licensing exam. CPMI has web-based Life and Health courses that will guide you through everything you will need to learn and know to prepare for your Alabama State exam. CPMI is a very experienced pre-licensing course provider and we are an approved provider though the state of Alabama. When you take your Alabama Life and Health course, you will have powerful study tools like online videos that you can review or audio CDs that you can listen to when you're driving in the car or wherever you choose.

When you complete the Alabama L & H, course you will receive a certificate of course completion, and this will be good for one year. You will want to keep this certificate as you will need it when you go to take your L & H exam. Alabama has a few other qualifications that are needed before you can receive a Alabama L & H license: you need to be 18 years or older, be in good standing with the Alabama Department of Insurance, and have not have had any misrepresentation or fraud in getting a license. Also,if you pay child support, you need to be in compliance, you need to have paid your state income taxes, and you need to have a fingerprint background check. For more information on how to get fingerprinted you can go to

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